Welcome to our April Newsletter!

To start things off we are pleased to announce that Mr. Sean Greene has joined our team as the Director of Education Programs. In this role, Sean will be responsible for leading the Rise Up program. He comes to us having over 20 years of experience as a principal and superintendent in both private and public schools with an excellent track record of success.

Eastpointe High School’s RISE UP program was recently featured on News Channel 3’s Arizona’s School Authority program and discussed how our students are thriving in the program. We have the video below.

RISE UP Tempe Updates! 

Tempe sends a big WELCOME to new student Ramiro P.!

This month we enjoyed Spring Break, designed a fun Graphic Design course, and applied for Summer Internships through our partner Jewish Family and Child Services. We supported each other through life events and had a student reach the finish line and graduate in time for her birthday. Congratulations Jessie W. on your hard work and awesome achievement! Happy birthday!

We’ve also been privileged to have Mrs. Greene, wife of new director Mr. Sean Greene,  work with students on mapping out plans for college. Thank you Mrs. Greene and welcome Mr. Sean!

RISE UP Phoenix Updates! 

South Phoenix will like to welcome 6 new students to our campus for the month of March!

  • Nathaniel R.
  • Danyel W.
  • Isaiah C.
  • Andrea N.
  • Ahrion C.
  • Anthony C.

RISE UP Mesa Updates! 

Our students marched right into March and finished the month strong. Our staff worked on bringing our students back to the learning center and we are happy to say that by the end of the month, all in person students have returned and are working hard!

Shout out to students Lucille G. and Anthony H. on your new jobs! Great job to Amir B., Marisol G., Charles K., and Davontae L. who are also holding down jobs and juggling school. We’re excited that these and other students have been working with us to map out time for school and their additional life responsibilities. Keep up the hard work – we’re almost there!

  • Week 1 Outstanding Student of the Week – Jessie W.
  • Week 2 Outstanding Student of the Week – Jessie W. & Caleb W.
  • Week 3 Outstanding Student of the Week – Jessie W. 
  • Week 4 Outstanding Students of the Week – Jeremiah S. 
  • Week 5 Outstanding Students of the Week – Davontae L. & Jeremiah S.

Student of the Month!


  • This month we celebrate Jessie W.! Jessie started with Eastpointe in November and completed the 8 classes that she needed as of this past month! Jessie set out a goal for herself to finish high school by her 18th birthday which she celebrated just a few weeks ago. She completed over 115 lessons for several weeks in a row to make sure she accomplished her goal. We are so excited to see students make their own dreams come true! Congratulations Jessie!


  • Tiwain H. completed 289 assignments for the month of March, and had perfect attendance!  Andrea N. completed 219 assignments for the month of March, and is student of the month for the girls! Great job guys!


  • Student of the month for Mesa is Jessica M. Great job last month, keep up the good work!


Eastpointe is Looking Forward to… 

Eastpointe Tempe:

  • Tik Tok challenge

  • Collab with Tucson art classes and Mrs. Holly Swangstu

  • New summer location..more info coming soon

  • Fun Fridays with Ale at Alice Cooper’s Teen Center – screen printing

  • Summer Internship opportunities with JFCS including Jiffy Lube, Haskins Electric, and Future Engineers Summer Program


Eastpointe Phoenix:

  • TikTok challenge
  • U.S Army fun day
  • Career Day

Thanks for reading, and as always, thank you VERY MUCH for your continued support!


Do you know anyone who would thrive with Eastpointe High School’s RISE UP program?

Do you know any student who is underserved or at risk, who would benefit from our RISE UP program? Please reach out to our staff here at Eastpoint High School to learn more. Please call 602-562-0335 or contact on of our locations!