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Become A Community Partner with Eastpointe High School!

Our community partners help give students a fresh start. Our community partners help us support, encourage, and prepare students for success, not only with their high school education, but also their post high school life. Here is your chance to help students start a new chapter and ultimately, create positive change within the community.

Community-Centered Approach To Education for At-Risk Teens in Arizona

The convenience of our educational software allows students to complete courses at their own pace. This can help students join the work force sooner or get into college sooner, which allows students to start financially helping their family sooner. With our self paced program, students can work and have success completing school simultaneously, helping them financially provide for their families in a way that has a deeply positive immediate impact. Enroll today!

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Working together, there is nothing we can’t accomplish. We appreciate our community partners!

How We Empower Our Students Within Our Community


Resume Writing

Eastpointe High School helps students create a resume and cover letter to help give students the support they need to start their career path.

Mock Interviews

The interview is a critical part of the employment process. Eastpointe High School will help students prepare and practice for their interview process.

Paid Internship Opportunities

Eastpointe High School will help students find and qualify for paid internship opportunities in the community, helping them gain valuable training and career development.

Post-Graduate Mentoring

(For Current Students and Alumni)
Eastpointe High School’s postgraduate mentors provide support, offer advice, guidance and practical tips. They act as a sounding board, helping graduates to focus their thinking and find new ways to explore and solve problems.

College and Career Readiness

High School Graduates often feel overwhelmed when trying to navigate their post High School life, our mentors will help students navigate through educational and career paths with support and guidance. With Eastpointe High School, students are never alone as they take their next steps after graduation.

Supportive Services

(Food, Computer, Transportation Help)
Eastpointe High School staff will help connect students with support services and has access to community resources. For example, our community partners will be able to provide food boxes, utility assistance, housing, hygiene kits, and other essential resources for students.

In-Person Tutoring

Students are never alone with Eastpointe High School. Our staff is available around the clock to help students with their assignments. Students can schedule a in person tutoring session or get help virtually through video conferencing.

Life Skill Training

We often take for granted the simple life skills that are needed to successfully venture out into the world. This is why Eastpointe High School helps students gain invaluable life skill training they can take with them as they become leaders in their community.

Family Support Services

At Eastpointe High School, family means as much to us as our students. If families are in need of support, we also offers support services for our students' families, further reaching and positively impacting our community.

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