Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock Teen Center Field Trip! 

Last month, all of our Rise Up by Eastpointe High School locations were fortunate enough to be invited to go on a very special field trip to Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock Teen Center.

Solid Rock’s primary mission is to make an everlasting difference in the lives of teens by helping them meet the spiritual, economical, physical, and social needs of teens in the community by offering a safe, engaging environment during non-school hours. Solid Rock provides the music, arts, vocational programs and fellowship that challenge teens to discover their passion through music, dance, video and sound production, self-expression, and creativity.

Students took a tour of the facility and were introduced to all of the center’s programs including their art classes, music lessons and dance classes, individual rehearsal spaces,  recording classes, songwriting classes, and discussion groups. All of these programs are offered free of charge to all teens. If you are interested in learning more about Solid Rock or to sign up for the center’s programs, please go to or call 602-522-9200.

We are proud to introduce the RISE UP by Eastpointe High School website! 

The staff has been working very hard on developing a website specifically for Eastpointe High School’s RISE UP program and we are pleased to announce the website is now live at!

RISE UP Tempe Updates! 

  • A big WELCOME to new February students at Tempe – Guillermo G. & Jeremiah S.!
  • This month Mr. Kevin Partida brought in his turtle for the kids to adopt, and Mr. Shaun Strickland brought in his guitar for lessons and fun with Garage Band!
  • Mrs. Strickland baked cookies for everyone for Valentine’s Day, and the kids exchanged a few gifts on their own! A big THANK YOU to Mrs. Strickland for the yummy cookies.
  • The kids here have also enjoyed doing art and crafty projects between classes. We also had the opportunity to celebrate and wish a happy 18th birthday to Andre W.!


RISE UP Phoenix Updates! 

Welcome to 6 new students!

  • Daivon  W. Jr

  • Anastasia D.

  • Braien P.

  • Lena F.

  • Otreion N.

  • Pierre N.

Last month, the US Army visited our center and did a presentation for the students. We thank them for bringing in donuts, coffee, and discussing job opportunities with the students.  We are currently organizing taking students to the US Army offices once a month to do military exercises and physical workouts.

David celebrated his18th birthday this past month, Happy 18th Birthday!

As a reminder, Each student expected to stay four hours at our learning center.

Spring Break 3/8-3/12, have a safe break!

Keep up the good work students!

RISE UP Tempe: The Tempe Squad KILLED IT this month! Our group of 13 kids completed 16 classes (and counting) in this month alone! These rock stars are super motivated to graduate and we’re as excited as they are.

Shout outs to our students of the week during February. These students worked hard and were at the top of their class in completed activities, courses completed, and daily attendance during the following weeks:

  • Week 1 Outstanding Student of the Week – KeZhane S. & Andre W.
  • Week 2 Outstanding Student of the Week – Davontae L.
  • Week 3 Outstanding Student of the Week – Caleb W.
  • Week 4 Outstanding Students of the Week – Caleb W. & KeZhane S.

RISE UP Phoenix: The Phoenix squad did an excellent job this past month. Shout out to Tiwain H for coming back to school after battling a lot of adversity, we’re proud of your drive! We also wanted to shout out Deon M. and Jyquan J. for gaining employment at Quiznos and Leslie V. at Food City. You’re leading by example, nice work!

RISE UP Mesa: February was an exciting month at our Mesa Location! A month full of birthdays, milestones, field trips, and more. With half of our students celebrating birthdays in February, there was a lot of celebrating between completing classes. Great job to all of our students for their hard work in February.


Student of the Month!


  • 15-year old Ke’Zhane S. leads the pack again with four classes completed during the month of February! She has earned 2 full high school credits this month and is nearing the end of her senior year! Ke’Zhane is planning to attend Grand Canyon University after she graduates this year. Congratulations Ke’Zhane on your good work ethic and daily persistence. It will pay off soon and serve you well throughout life!


  • Congratulations to Derek W. from Detroit, Michigan who has been selected as our South PHX student of the month for February! Derek is 17 years old, a junior, and wants to be a tailor when he graduates. Derek finished four classes this past month and earned 2 high school credits!


  • Shantel Aaliyah T. – 17years old as of this month and working hard to catch up with her high school credits as she’d been taking care of her family prior to coming to Eastpointe which made it almost impossible to keep up with school. Happy birthday Shantel and keep up the good work!


Community Outreach

Community outreach is important to grow awareness of our program and to educate community members in the important role Eastpointe plays in serving these communities’ youth. We hope to serve more youth through this outreach.

Eastpointe High School’s RISE UP program had a great month for community outreach. Below are some specific examples:

  • Staff continued to reached out to several local youth hot spots

  • Staff canvased Guadalupe, Tempe, Mesa, and Phoenix, with great connections made in Guadalupe

  • Staff made connections through Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock Teen Center


Eastpointe is looking forward to… 

Eastpointe Tempe:

  • NEW Elective Classes

    • Graphic Design class with Mr Strickland March 1st! Mondays and Fridays

    • Spanish on Wednesdays with Mr. Kevin Partida

    • Art on Tuesdays & Thursdays w/ Ms. G

  • Art Field Trip – Tshirt Printing with Alice Cooper’s Friday March 26th

  • SPRING BREAK!!!  March 8th-12th

Eastpointe Phoenix:

  • Beginning in March, every month on a Thursday TBD, the US Army representatives will be welcoming students to their office to do military exercises and physical workouts. This will be a great opportunity for students to learn more about their post-secondary options offered by the military!

Eastpointe Mesa:

  • We’re marching forward in March towards an exciting MILITARY DAY right here on campus! Stay tuned for more details. Mrs. Yvette & Ms. Ashley will provide updates shortly as plans are finalized.



Do you know anyone who would thrive with Eastpointe High School’s RISE UP program?

Do you know any student who is underserved or at risk, who would benefit from our RISE UP program? Please reach out to our staff here at Eastpoint High School to learn more. Please call 602-562-0335 or contact on of our locations!