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Our Promise To You

Eastpointe High School’s Mission is to provide an alternative learning environment that honors each student’s unique capabilities.

Most of our students are at risk of dropping out or have already severed ties with traditional schools. However, actively participating in their own learning journey through an innovative online Dropout Recovery Program and face-to-face programs have supported hundreds of Arizona’s youth to restore academic, social and emotional gaps in learning.

Exceptionally well qualified teachers and mentors help students develop their own Individual Learning Plan. Each student’s innate intelligence is unlocked and fostered by setting and attaining important academic and personal goals. While enrolled, students work judiciously, authentically and genuinely to fulfill all Arizona academic requirements, as well as demonstrate high levels of self-management.

Upon graduation, Eastpointe students not only experience a deep sense of satisfaction for having accomplished an important milestone, but are well prepared for a life of discovery and positive impact on the world.


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Address: 8495 East Broadway Blvd, Tucson, Arizona 85710